Our popular series ‘Custom Tora no Ana’ that has been appearing in our Autoby magazine serially has published the fifth volume which is the newest volume, and thanks to our fans, we had a large circulation which reached over 100,000 copies, and now we have established a contract so that the :Custom Tora no Ana’ can be purchased through Webike which you are all familiar with through their motorcycle accessory shop online.

Additionally, Webike is currently running a campaign where shipping fees will be free for purchases 3,000 yen and over, so it would be appreciated if you could take this into consideration when you need ‘just a few more hundred yen to get free shipping…”.
Also, you are currently able to browse our first episodes of our first volume of “Kasutamu no Ana” for free on Webike.
If you have never read our series, please take this as an opportunity to have a look through.

画像: The First Episode of the First Volume is Available for Free Browsing! ‘Custom Tora no Ana’ is Purchasable on Webike!)

Browse and purchase from below.


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